Friday, March 09, 2007

Watchmen: The Movie: The Test Shot.

Who won't Watch the Watchmen? Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' comic-about-comics masterpiece Watchmen is finally being shot as a live-action movie. The filmmaker behind "300"- a film also based on a comic project- is going to direct. In the trailer for 300, an image is hidden in the quicksilver editing. A test image of my old time pal Rorschach, the tortured vigilante with the inkblot mask.

Even though Ain't It Cool News was the first to post this information, I Watch Stuff won the day with the pithiest comment:

The flash frame of the trailer revealed a test shot of Rorschach, presumably testing if a man could wear a blotted white cloth over his head (results: success).

I Watch Stuff is a fun site to check in on. It's full of news about movies and other media, but dependably funny commentary is what keeps 'em coming back.

Where Are They Now?- Liberace

He's dead. Since 1987.
Dead, but flashy.

That Gum You Like... coming back in style.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

So What's With All The Zombies?

Automatic Daddy celebrates its one year anniversary this week, so since I like Zombies, I'm making and posting Zombies. Simple enough.



Where Are They Now?- Abraham Lincoln.

He's dead. Since 1865.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Funny Because It's True.

Found on myconfinedspace.

Where Are They Now?- Dwight D. Eisenhower.

He's dead. Since 1961.

Writing Group.

I belong to a writing group. We meet on alternate Tuesdays and last night was one such Tuesday. We have timed exercises and we read our work to the group at the end of each exercise. Last night, one of the writing puzzles was a 10 minute flex built onto a found sentence gleaned from a magazine. The phrase was "Because they're delicate, this can happen easily".

I wrote this. I polished it only slightly from last evening, and I added what might be thought of as an ending. No great shakes, but I thought it had a certain charm to it.

Funny, but blogger will not accept my indentations in this text. It's like having a car that you later learn can't be driven in the rain. Oh well. They're there in the word doc.

Easy does it”, he said, and he held the butterfly up to the fluorescent lamp again. Woodsman knew that this was a dying art, and that in another 20 years no one would bother with it at all, but he was determined not to have this knowledge die with him.
That’s why he was here, indoors on a beautiful Saturday morning, teaching at the Learning Annex, telling a group of 3 teenagers how to sex butterflies.

“You see that there? That spot right there?” he asked.
“Yes”, everyone lied.
Woodsman adjusted his glasses and rocked back in his chair. “That’s the yoo-hoo. This one’s a lady.”
There was a pause. The 3 students realized that Woodsman was waiting for them to take notes. They each pulled a page of paper from Woodsman’s own notebook and took turns with the lone pen in the room.

“This one here’s a dude”, Woodsman offered once the scratching of the ballpoint was finished.
“Lemme see it”, asked the biggest and lumpiest of the academics gathered.
“Look at your own later. This one’s for teachers only”, came the reply.

Woodsman carefully put the butterfly back into the Tupperware container he’d brought with him. He absent-mindedly closed one of its wings into the lid before placing it back in the makeshift carryall he’d fashioned from an empty case of Old Grand-dad.

“That’s pretty much it. There’s only 2 kinds: boys and girls, and that’s basically all you need to know, so class over”, Woodsman said as he pulled a red hoodie over his bearlike frame.

“That’s it? It’s only 9:15?! We just got here!” said the small student with the dirty-lip mustache.
“Learning is about quality, not quantity”, Woodsman answered. “That’s lesson number one right there. I should have opened with that one, but it’s still important. Good question!”

He gathered up his box of Grand-dads and his briefcase. The contents of the briefcase were a mystery to Woodsman, since he’d lost the key to its lock six years earlier. He couldn’t remember what was inside, but it was perfectly reasonable to assume that it was something important, so why not bring it to class today? He balanced it on his knee and switched his Mountain Dew to his other hand.
“Class is over, come on! You don’t have to go home but you can’t learn here”, he barked. He motioned toward the door with the toe of his shoe.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Help The Police.

Neatorama and Best Week Ever have both posted this, but I'm just gonna be a Johnny Come Thirdly and post it here too. This is from a BBC show called Rush Hour.

No Chris Tucker squeaking around, so it's cool to watch it.

"Louis CK Connects To The Youth Of Today", or "Awesome Possum"

I love this story. He cusses like his **** is on fire, so, you know- you were warned.

You Can Actually Taste The Truthiness.

The great Ben and the wonderful Jerry have just released Steven Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream, which is a vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. I just liked typing that.

Ben & Jerry is a forward thinking, liberal kind of an outfit- pleasantly pink- and probably the only ice cream manufacturer with a socio-political mission statement on their website. I love these guys.

Even Better: I just found out the Colbert's proceeds go to charity! Mmmm- Charity!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Good Deal Here.

DVD Rewinder for only $16.49!

Ad For... Snickers?

I don't quite get this, but it's really well done.

Found Object- Bush Sticker

I just thought this looked great. Too sticky to steal, unfortunately.

A photoshopped detail of a picture by Jen Ralston, of Ghost Gardens fame.

Update: I got your Google right here: Banana Republican. This is a great protest/urban art project and you should think about supporting it by getting a tee shirt today! Happily, the shirts are both beautiful and inexpensive.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sayonara Sahara!

The Sahara hotel & casino in Las Vegas has been sold to the SBE Entertainment Group LLC and the Stockbridge Real Estate Fund. This can only spell doom for the ol' gal, since the link above leans heavily on the value of the lot on which it stands. Look for another Disneyland-style theme mall/hotel/casino to be thrown up there when it's gone. I have no hope that they'll refurbish the existing structure. Not when so many "construction" companies want the contract to build there.

SBE Entertainment Group? Stockbridge Real Estate Fund? Remember the old days when the casinos were all run by men with names like Bugsy, Knuckles, Lefty and Vlad the Impaler? Ring a ding ding, baby; they're destroying the mob gambling houses of my childhood!

By the way, I'm heading back out there this month to use my new craps system to break the bank at the Bellagio. I figured out a way to count the dice.