Friday, June 08, 2007

Death by Karma

...Or was it irony poisoning?

The scientist who invented a way to freeze french fries (thus enabling poison distributor McDonalds to begin piling up customers' bodies) and who was incidentally also the inventor of Cheez-Whiz, the orange glue-in-a-jar that Americans somehow believe is food, is dead. Of heart failure.

I'm nearly dead of word failure.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

An Unspecified Medical Problem Gets Hotel Heiress An Early Release.

* Photo Unwanted *

They say it was rash-related, but it was more likely the emergence of an undescended testicle that sent Hotel Heiress home early from her already too-short jail sentence. She'll have to wear an ankle monitor, and she's under house arrest, but I'm betting she'll chew that foot off to get out and skank it up in public again real soon-like.

I broke the no-hotel-harpy rule I set up a few weeks back. I'll do something nice to make up for it. Reading to children or giving smokes to the smokeless. Yeah, that'll do.

UPDATE: Aaand she's back in stir. Nice!

Bleepy Ad for a Bleep-bleep Beer.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Did You Know?

Weird Tales of the Ramones was released in 2005

A friend of mine back east recently was told by a mutual friend that the disapproving "Dad" on the Ramones box set "Weird Tales of the Ramones" was a drawing of me. It's such a weird little thing that I decided to mention it on the ol' bloggo.

Yes, the ultra-famous Jim Woodring used me as the Dad in reference shots for this illustration. He made me look less grumpy and more Dad-like than usual, and he made it look as if I owned a lavender shirt, which I do not. I do have a small orange-red notebook, so that checks out.

The Ramones-loving girl is a cute-as-a-button caricature of Jim's niece's girl Livvy. If Norman Rockwell were still working he would definitely want to meet that kid.

This is my one brush with semi-fame that didn't involve a grassy knoll.