Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger News News

Death as an X-Ray: Some men's deaths can show us all we need to know about some other men. Here are some examples.

First, from the BWE blog: this picture of a Heath Ledger memorial stab from a Best Buy store somewhere in San Diego.

Next, this lovely reminder from our friends at Fred Phelps' Church of Jesus the Vengeful Homophobe:
That's from their website, which I will not honor with a link. Let this MSNBC link explain it.
That's the mysteriously symmetrical man-mummy himself, the very Reverend Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps.
Sorry ladies, he's taken!

Lastly, Fox News albino madman John Gibson mocks Heath Ledger on his radio show. He's a host for Fox News as well. Since Ledger starred in Brokeback Mountain, reality-confused Gibson guesses he must have been a 'weirdo" (read: Gay) thus making his death a great subject for some hate-mockery. If I know anything about the self-loathing neocon right, we should be expecting John Gibson to make his wide stance on this subject known any day now anyway. This link from Think Progress will tell all.

This is John Gibson, whom God has stricken with this head. Chester Gould's boils had better heads than this.


Patti said...

Gibson "apologizes" - he said he was sorry that anyone took offense, not that he was out of line. What a jerk.

He looks remarkably like your photo below of Romney.

Robert said...

That WBC church has got to be some sort of secret performance-art thing. No one is that stupid, are they?

Tom Dougherty said...

The WBC is unfortunately a real thing. They lost a gigantic lawsuit a couple of years back and had to pay out a couple of million to the family of an Iraq War soldier whose funeral these assholes chose to picket. It seems all war dead are God's comment on the US' liberal policies about homosexual rights. Phelps is the tip of the iceberg, and it really makes me sad and furious that these goddamned freaks involve children in their protests. Seeing a ten year old girl holding a "DIE FAGS DIE" sign by the gates of a cemetary where someone is burying a loved one represents a raging infection in the national psyche. I want no part of these people, but I wouldn't mind picketing their church, homes and funerals.

I think that they might have been a factor in Heath Ledger's family's decision to have a private service for him. I would have liked to see them just sue Phelps weasel farm out of existence.