Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Milt Kahl Hands

I love these. They've been posted around the internet before, but I've noticed that a lot of those sites don't have them available anymore, so I'm going to keep them up here for no other reason than I think they're beautiful and should always be accessible on the web. There's no telling who it was that originally posted them, but it wasn't me. Thank you to whoever this anonymous hero might have been.

Milt Kahl was one of Disney's most popular and most famous animators. These hands are from The Sword in the Stone, and I'm throwing in an incredible model sheet by Milt for Peter Pan for good measure. I don't think you could find better drawing anywhere.

Did you know?
Peter Pan's royalties were willed by the J.M.Barrie estate to fund the Great Ormond Street hospital for children in London, but now that the work has entered the public domain, Disney doesn't feel obligated to keep up the payments. The hospital filed suit for their due in fall of 2004. Stay classy, Disney! See here, here, and here,

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Louise Smythe said...

Wow, thanks for this post! Milt Kahl's drawings are really inspiring me lately, and trust me, I need it. Love the hands.