Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey Handsome Part IV

The First Great Tee-Shirt of 2008

This is so brilliant. Secret Headquarters is a comic book store for comic book readers in Los Angeles. This new store tee shirt makes me crazy.

I found this on Boing Boing, but the link to the shirt and store is here.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in "Baby Mama"

I know. The second Tina Fey related post in less than 24 hours. I know. I have an explanation. I've been eagerly awaiting this movie for some time and yesterday's post just reminded me to look for the trailer. Happily, this looks great. Add another baby-havin' comedy to the pile with Juno and Knocked Up.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Suspend Your Disbelief

"...grounds to suspect they might be carved."
From The Sun:

"HERE’S a couple who really did bury their differences! The cheeky pair are formed by a vegetable root pulled from the earth in China.

The “male” seems to have lovingly wrapped his arm around his sweetheart’s shoulders – as if she has grown on him over the years. A man called Fan is said to have been so sure the couple were just made for each other that he forked out £40 for the foot-long fleeceflower tuber.

But last night cynics suggested the slightly mucky figures were simply TOO detailed – giving them grounds to suspect they may be carved."


Tina Fey For Disneyland

You know those print ads where Disney and Annie Lebovitz get big name celebrities to dress like famous Disney characters for lushly produced photographs? Last go-round Scarlett Johansson stood in for Cinderella in the best of that series. This time, the best one is definitely Tina Fey as Tinkerbell, with Jessica Biel's Pocahontas a close runner up. Check them out:

UPDATE: It turns out that the Tina Fey shot is but a tiny detail in this larger image with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Giselle Bundchen. Even better!

I love that Tina Fey girl.

This link will take you to the lot of them, on the Disney site.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger News News

Death as an X-Ray: Some men's deaths can show us all we need to know about some other men. Here are some examples.

First, from the BWE blog: this picture of a Heath Ledger memorial stab from a Best Buy store somewhere in San Diego.

Next, this lovely reminder from our friends at Fred Phelps' Church of Jesus the Vengeful Homophobe:
That's from their website, which I will not honor with a link. Let this MSNBC link explain it.
That's the mysteriously symmetrical man-mummy himself, the very Reverend Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps.
Sorry ladies, he's taken!

Lastly, Fox News albino madman John Gibson mocks Heath Ledger on his radio show. He's a host for Fox News as well. Since Ledger starred in Brokeback Mountain, reality-confused Gibson guesses he must have been a 'weirdo" (read: Gay) thus making his death a great subject for some hate-mockery. If I know anything about the self-loathing neocon right, we should be expecting John Gibson to make his wide stance on this subject known any day now anyway. This link from Think Progress will tell all.

This is John Gibson, whom God has stricken with this head. Chester Gould's boils had better heads than this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mitt Romney: Animal Abusing Jackass

Mitt Romney (AP Photo)

This link leads to a very telling story about Republican creep Mitt Romney. Seems that:
In June 2007 the Boston Globe reported that in 1983, current Republican presidential hopeful (and former Massachusetts governor) Mitt Romney had placed his Irish setter in a dog carrier on the roof of his station wagon for a 12-hour trip to his parents' cottage on the Canadian shores of Lake Huron. He'd built a windshield for the carrier to make the ride more comfortable for the dog. He'd also made it clear to his five sons that bathroom breaks would be taken only during predetermined stops to gas up the car.

The dog spoiled this plan by letting loose with a bout of diarrhea during its rooftop sojourn, necessitating an unplanned gas station visit for the purpose of hosing down the pooch, its carrier, and the back of the car.

In that Boston Globe article, the incident was pointed to as an example of Romney's emotion-free crisis management style. Others viewed it differently, regarding the mode of canine transport the dog was subjected to as unnecessarily callous and cruel.

Romney dismisses such critics by saying "They're not happy that my dog loves fresh air."
The story points seems to indicate these two things:

A.) Mitt Romney is as dumb as paste. Who would think that any of this sounds like a good idea? I'm sure that the boys didn't think too much of this plan, and the "my dog loves fresh air" line is about as insensitive, pathetic and mealy a quote as we're likely to hear this election year. That sounds like it came straight out of our insufferable Dubya's mouth, doesn't it?

B) Mitt Romney can be cruel and self-serving. Anyone who has been around dogs knows that they often have explosive diarrhea episodes when they're TERRIFIED. This creep essentially tortured his family's dog for twelve hours and thinks that anyone who has taken issue with it just doesn't know dogs the way that he does. Must be because he's such a rugged outdoorsman and all. What a pampered prick.

This kind of abuse is illegal too, so I think it's a little odd that anyone would try to spin this in his favor. As far as the Globe's claim that this anecdote shows anything of his leadership qualities? I think that this may be the single most pathetic story ever invoked to that end, and if I personally ever have to stretch that far to compliment somebody I think that I'd just as soon slap them and keep my all important street cred.

Who on earth wants to elect Clark Griswold president anyway?

More on Mitt on Automatic Daddy here

Tell Me That This Thing Is For Real

A movie poster for Rodriguez' Machete, last seen in a 'fake" movie trailer in Grindhouse. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease be true.

I found this on

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Painter Jamie Burton in International Tattoo Art's Stretched Canvas Magazine

I'm a little late to mention this, but my friend the talented Mr. Jamie Burton is featured in the latest issue of International Tattoo Art's Stretched Canvas in an 8-page article that boasts an even dozen full color illustrations- most of them details from some of his enormous, obsessive canvases. It looks like Jamie's enormous talent, his tireless dedication to his craft and his indefatigable work ethic are paying off in major ways.

You can and should check out his website here.

Goodnight Emily: Suzanne Pleshette Dies


Suzanne Pleshette has died at the all-too-young age of 70. Best known for her role as Emily Hartley on The Bob Newhart Show in the seventies, Suzanne Pleshette was one of the most gorgeous women in the movies or on television. Some women make a career out of just that, but she also happened to be a great actress, with impeccable comic timing and one of the most memorable voices in show business.

Here's her wikipedia page.

She was not only a lead in what is unarguably one of the greatest comedies in television history, but later she returned to the role of Emily Hartley in one of television's most funny and unforgettable moments. From the AP obituary:

Suzanne Pleshette, the beautiful, husky-voiced film and theater star best known for her role as Bob Newhart's sardonic wife on television's long-running "The Bob Newhart Show," has died, said her attorney Robert Finkelstein.

"The Bob Newhart Show, a hit throughout its six-year run, starred comedian Newhart as a Chicago psychiatrist surrounded by eccentric patients. Pleshette provided the voice of reason.

Four years after the show ended in 1978, Newhart went on to the equally successful "Newhart" series in which he was the proprietor of a New England inn populated by more eccentrics. When that show ended in 1990, Pleshette reprised her role - from the first show - in one of the most clever final episodes in TV history.

It had Newhart waking up in the bedroom of his "The Bob Newhart Show" home with Pleshette at his side. He went on to tell her of the crazy dream he'd just had of running an inn filled with eccentrics.

"If I'm in Timbuktu, I'll fly home to do that," Pleshette said of her reaction when Newhart told her how he was thinking of ending the show.

She even married Newhart mainstay Tom Poston later in their lives, and he preceded her in death last April 30. I'll bet that was an interesting couple to know.

The first four seasons of The Bob Newhart Show are available on DVD here, on