Friday, February 15, 2008

Skillet Street Food!

From my new phone camera comes this dynamic shot of the lunch wagon in question, taken in Ballard, WA. Those unassuming strangers may not know it, but they are now big time BLOG STARS!

Ordinarily I wouldn't bother advocating having breakfast or lunch on the street served from an airstream trailer, but this is a special case, and one time only.

Skillet, serving the greater Seattle/Bellevue area is a great new street food service that must be tasted to be believed. They offer a small, exotic menu of interesting variations on traditional breakfast and lunchtime fare. Delicious, affordable, and a hip alternative to the filthy Pho place down the street, I had lunch there with my friend Daryle, who tipped me off to the whole thing in the first place. I had a grilled prawn po' boy (comes with fries) and she had a Kobe hamburger with their famous "bacon jam"- sort of a bacon chutney, also with fries. Both together: $15.00 even! Cheerful service, biodegradable packaging and a rare February sunny day in Seattle made this one of the best lunches I've had in quite some time.

From the website: "We buy old Airstream Trailers, and outfit them so that they have a full commercial kitchen. We then go out to local office parks, events, farmers markets and provide impeccably executed and seasonably relevant bistro style food."*

If you're interested, be advised that the whole operation works on the Brigadoon principle of street vending- different areas on different days. Check their schedule and follow them like they were the Dead.

About Skillet, including a menu and a schedule.

Reviews of Skillet.

The "Bacon Jam" is a growing side business, and is sold through their Ebay store.


Thanks to old-time pal Daryle Conners, she who keeps one ear to the ground for just this sort of thing. Great find!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Before and After

The one on the left bottom KILLS me! Ha!

The hot water knob broke on my shower yesterday, and the bldg mgr said that it will be a day or two before he can fix it. I am in hell. I'm jealous of these pups.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Despite that typically marble-mouthed Lucas title, this looks like a lot of fun. I love how they gloss over the Temple of Doom in the beginning of the trailer. Even George and Steve admit that one was awful. George also admitted that the Sean Connery character was created to prop up the weak story in The Last Crusade. After twenty years, Lucas returns to a franchise that made him a household name. There's no way that could be bad, right? Right? Cue crickets sound effect.

There are rumors that this will be the first of 3 new Indiana Jones films.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hedgehog Making Faces

Post the Six Hundredth! Hedgehog facial expressions! This was cribbed from Cute Overload. Unbe-frickin'-leevable!

Howard The Duck Creator Steve Gerber Has Died.

I checked Jeff Pidgeon's blog just a bit ago for some kicks and look what I found instead: Steve Gerber, longtime Marvel Comics creator, onetime Marvel Comics combatant and papa to the real Howard the Duck is dead. Here is what I'd call the official announcement, made on Steve's own blog by his longtime pal and fellow writer Mark Evanier. I can only bring myself to skim it. This is sad news. Here's a nicely groomed wikipedia page about Steve that gives the unfamiliar an idea of what was so unique and special about him.

Howard the Duck (Trapped in a World He Never Made!) was, of course the subject of an infamously bad, big budget movie years ago, produced by George Lucas no less. Forget about that stinker- Howard's real impact was made in four colors and on cheap newsprint. Howard the Duck at its core was a mainstream underground comic. Month-to-month readers would shake their heads in disbelief that Marvel would publish this odd, personal little curiosity, full of Woody Allen angst, silly super goings-on, inspired belly laughs and hot girl-on-duck action. Back in the mid-seventies, Steve somehow got Marvel to sign off on a villain named Dr. Bong (in the punny disguise of a bell-themed Dr. Doom stand-in). His work drew from the real world like no other mainstream writer of the time, with references to subjects like divorce, casual sex, Me decade self absorption, cults, psychoanalysis, class struggle and the destruction of the environment giving the stories both grit and purpose. Steve was a preacher, and a moralist, and a definite bold liberal voice in his writing. His Howard, in retrospect reads like a continuing editorial cartoon, and that's something that has never been attempted since.

FUN FACT: Marvel even launched Howard as a newspaper comic strip written by Steve, drawing a lawsuit from Disney that ridiculously resulted in Marvel giving their duck a pair of pants to differentiate him from Walt's bare bottomed Donald and Co.- a scenario seemingly clipped straight out of one of Steve's comics and read into a court document.

In '79 Steve had to sue the hand that fed him over the profits from his creation, but who hasn't sued Marvel for rights and for money earned?

I loved his work as a kid and I would say that these comics were the gateway drugs that led me to Gilbert Shelton's Freak Brothers, Robert Crumb, Arcade, Weirdo, Bob Armstrong, Bill Griffith, and so many others. I even started reading foreign comics about this time, inspired in part by what I remember as an offhand remark Steve made in an interview at the time. One of the first of those was Herge's Tin Tin, so Howard the Duck is one Kevin Bacon degree of separation from Tin Tin in my mind.

Thanks for all of the inspired lunacy, Steve. Thanks for all of the great comics that I may not have read in Howard's wake, and thanks for taking the high road more times than most. XO

Gerber had Howard make a run for president in 1976 (my God, I'm getting old!) running as the candidate of choice for the All-Night Party. Get Down Like a Duck!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Deleted Scene From Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

This is hilarious! Why the hell did they cut this out of the movie? Maybe Arnie's spectacularly bad lip synch was the problem, but they could have fixed that, right? Augh! Should have stayed in.

The Cast of Spongebob Revoices Classic Movie Scenes

From the youtube page:
Via From the ASIFA-Hollywood Annie Awards February 8th 2008: The voice cast of Spongebob Squarepants (Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Carolyn Lawrence, Rodger Bumpass) dub some of the greatest films ever made.

From College Humor- the youtube vid was taken down.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roy Scheider Dies at 75.


Roy Scheider has passed away. Famous for his portrayal of Chief Brody in the proto-blockbuster "Jaws" (and its first sequel Jaws 2) Scheider had a long career, specializing in playing normal men who find themselves in over their heads.

He had a better than average count of excellent projects, and he was great in many other films that didn't deserve him. I only recently saw "All That Jazz"- Bob Fosse's musical head trip about his own brush with death. It was terrific, and the best thing about it was Scheider's performance in the starring role. If you haven't seen this, don't let the music keep you away; you'll love it.

Look at this list of movies. They couldn't be more different from one another. He spent his heyday picking good projects and turning in nuanced, fascinating performances.

From the wiki page:
Klute (1971)
The French Connection
Marathon Man
All That Jazz
2010: The Year We Make Contact
Naked Lunch
The Myth of Fingerprints
The Rainmaker

I'm going to pop Jaws into the machine in a bit. Check out any one of these films and pay close attention to Scheider. He knew how to work the camera.


Like Water for Soil- The World Inversed Map

Beautiful execution of a clever idea. This link will take you to a page full of details and wallpapers of this map. The land masses and the bodies of water are reversed with fascinating results. The details are amazing.