Sunday, May 17, 2009

Circus Contraption's Last Days! Hurry and See Them Before It's Too Late!!

If you haven't seen Circus Contraption, the time is nigh! As I type this, there are only TWELVE PERFORMANCES LEFT of the SHOW TO END ALL SHOWS! Holy mother, you will kick yourself into chunks if you miss this opportunity. It's an entire evening of carnival blockhead-type stuff, truly funny clown work, tastefully naughty exotic dancing and acrobatics, and, of course, excellent music.

Their site has a few "peeps" at the show, to whet the appetite. You've really got to see them as soon as you can. I cannot stress enough the painful disappointment you will feel once the well runs dry and your neighbors are sloshing around filled to the brim with their joyful memories of this experience.

They're performing in Fremont- that's the center of the universe! It could not be easier to find. Buy tickets in advance and save your tears later. There are libations and snacks available inside, and souvenirs too, including must-have CDs. Arrive early to find parking, fill up on beer and popcorn inside.
The show runs Feb 27 - Jun 14, 2009

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