Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh, The Lies I Tell!

After saying this blog was open for business again (the bedbug and rodent filth problems here are a thing of the past) I haven't updated in a week. I'll get around to it.

Several distractions have threatened to swallow me whole. One, the ol' HP Notebook died again. I wouldn't buy an HP life preserver if I were drowning. This is the third motherboard this thing's destroyed in a year and a half, and the second in six months' time. I've got coverage through Fry's, and to say that they're difficult in this area is a ridiculous understatement.

I am subbing for a friend of mine, teaching a cartooning class in Seattle. Just two days, but the early and the late day classes, which means working on my other work in a coffee shop in Capitol Hill waiting for the second class of the day after the first is finished. A distraction, but the nerves leading up to doing it were far more distracting. It's a great place, the kids are very cool for the most part, and I like doing it.

I'm working on a mini comic and a larger project or three as well. I like being busy, but this is a little too much.

But things are thinning out, focusing and looking up. I will have a real blog post up this weekend, and I'll update every couple of days after that. If you subscribe to this, I'll try to make it worth your while once again. If you don't subscribe, my aim is to make you do so.




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